GWL Group Web Page Request Form
The page header consists of 3 boxes, the left-most contains Important Notices, the center, Quick Page Links to other areas of the page, and the right-most a community-wide calendar showing the next 3 upcoming events.
The intention of the blog section is to post the same type of content that would normally appear in the Glenwilder in letter form, such as annual reports, President's letters, and other general communications. All blogs are subject to the same editorial guidelines and approval process as the Glenwilder. The blog enabled for your page will show blog entries specific to your group. If on the Member Home Page, or the Group Home Page, the blog area will include your blogs entries as well as all others.
These sections typically convey specific information about your group that remains static over time, just as mission statements, group descriptions and other generalized information.
These are useful if your group tracks information that is suited for tabular form, such as name lists, status lists, sailing results etc. All tables are easily editable on the front end of the website by designated group members.