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Being a "Glenwilder"

We hope to give you a sense of what it means to live on Glen Wild Lake, or "GWL" as we affectionately call it. There is no isolated element that makes GWL special. While our residents come from a multitude of different backgrounds, we have a common love of our environment, and a recognition that we are exceptionally fortunate to share in this place. Many buy a summer home here only to quickly realize they want to spend every day of the rest of their lives here. This is a life goal we Glenwilders fully understand and support.

Glen Wild Lake, an Endangered Species

When Glenwilders speak of what makes our lake so special, the conversation always returns to community. There are few communities our size that feel more like an extended family than a neighborhood. When walking or driving our roads or boating on our lake, you must prepare to wave and to be waved at. Repeatedly. Community events at our clubhouse feel more like a giant family party, and dozens always step up to pitch in with whatever help is need. If you are in search of a community where people are truly known to each other, and will without hesitation help each other, then you may very well be a Glenwilder.

The Glen Wild Lake 1925 Swim Team
Glenwilders enjoy the ice on a Winter's day


Created in 1917 as a fishing club, Glen Wild Lake began with only 8 bungalows and a fishing camp. Today we are 160 homes, most of which are occupied year round.

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We are a self managed homeowner's association with a high level of volunteerism. A common love of our lake creates an engagement not present in most communities.

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When returning to Glen Wild Lake after a difficult day, a few minutes at the window will restore your balance. Glen Wild surrounds you with beauty and wildlife at ALL times.

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The list of what you can choose to do at Glen Wild Lake is endless, but you may also decide to sit on the dock and simply watch the clouds or ducks float by.

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The Glen Wild Lake 1925 Swim Team
The Glen Wild Lake 1925 Swim Team

A Brief History of Glen Wild Lake

From our humble beginning as a small summer retreat and fishing club, Glen Wild Lake has evolved into a 160 home community of mostly full time residences.

The Glen Wild Lake Company was created In 1917 by Paul Wittick (President), Lewis W. Havens (Vice President), Dr. George C. Coates (Treasurer), Dr. Samuel K. Owens (Secretary), William L. McCue, Esq. and George J. Fritz (Assistant Secretary) of Butler to form a summer lake community with a shared interest in fishing. Construction of a Dam was authorized in the same year, which flooded an existing valley and connected Mud Pond and Witteck's Lake. In 1918, the Glen Wild Lake Company issued 9 leases for 8 bungalows and a fishing camp. In 1925, a club house was constructed, and that clubhouse still stands today, with a few additions and improvements.

In 1978 our tenants association purchased 157 land leases and 450 acres of land from the GWL Company for just under $2M and the present day iteration of Glen Wild Lake was born.

A Special Community

We are a small community of 160 homes, but we have an incredible diversity of backgrounds, experiences and interests. We are a mix of year-round and summer residences. Our commonality is that we all care deeply about our environment and the preservation of our natural beauty and environmental health. It is often what draws us here in the first place, and thus we are passionate about preserving it.

We are a self-managed home owners association, and as such, pride ourselves on our volunteerism and individual contributions to the community. This keeps our homeowners fee low, but more importantly our personal engagement creates lasting and meaningful friendships that are unique in the modern world.

Glenwilders enjoy the ice on a Winter's day

What? I am in New Jersey?

Glen Wild Lake is a magical place. It seems as a secret that must be whispered only to the closest of friends. It feels surreal to be co-habitating with bears, foxes, eagles, osprey and mink, knowing that you are still in New Jersey only 25 miles outside NYC.

Our 111 acre lake is surrounded by roughly 450 acres of protected backlands, which in turn are connected to the Norvin Green State Forest, providing endless opportunity to hike and explore.

This beautiful photo by resident Amy Demarest reveals how even a cold, damp and misty day results in a day of peace, joy and beauty for Glenwilders.

Ever Changing Personality

Turn off the TV. Your window will now be your favorite show. Glen Wild Lake loves to show her beauty and personality in a thousand different ways. Every season brings a different perspective, and the shoulder seasons are equally dramatic. If beautiful views bring you joy, then we have the place for you.

This stunning timelapse video taken by resident Deanie Barth on a random spring day, catches the essence of what it is to live on GWL. One moment kayakers are paddling in T-shirts, and the next there is a snow squall, concluding with a gorgeous sunset...as always.

The GWL Lifestyle. Endless.

While it is always lovely to sip a glass of wine on your dock and watch boats and ducks cruise by, if you are ready for a little more action, there is always plenty to do at Glen Wild Lake.

In Spring and Fall, our backlands combined with Norvin Green State Forest offer hours of hiking and exploration without ever encountering a road or a person. Our two private tennis/pickle ball courts are are available any time you like. Boating begins with the first warm day, and many walk around the encircling lake roads for the views and the exercise.

During the Summer, swimming and floating reign supreme, as does sailing and paddling in crafts of all sorts including kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. Enjoy community parties at our clubhouse, our private beach (with lifeguard) and various community events of all sorts. Perhaps boat to a float-in movie series, or anchor for a live jazz concert held on a dock.

A cold winter is never a disappointment at GWL. Ice fishing or cross country skiing is always available during ice-in. Ice skating and ice hockey pop-up up at mini-rinks dotting the lake, kept free of snow by passionate enthusiasts. Ice golf is a great annual event that draws the worst of golfers and the best of hot chili and soups.